coffe and milk.


Today we took the old boat out on the ocean again.. Lovely wether and clear water. We went to Mellanskär outside Smögen.

Ofcourse we hade some coffe with us..BUT no coffecups.. And i was dying for coffe so i grab the milkpackaging and pour the coffe down into the milk. And that was perfect because normally I love big cups to my coffe. To my coffe i had some sausaage.. More saturated than a cake. (perhaps a cake had tasted better to the coffe??)

When we where back in the harbour 10 meters from the bridge.. The propeller got stucked into a rope. and the other end of the rope where stucked to the bottom so there we where.. so close to the bridge and on the other hand so far away.. We cuoldnt get anywhere. Finally my husband found a knife and cut us free.

Thats all for today folks. have a nice evening. Godnight.


  1. Hahahahahaha, du får göra som morfar, alltid ha kaffekoppar i en utflyktsaväska!!! Inte roligt med propellertrassel MEN fina kort.


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