Action and photoshop tips/trix

Hi there. =) It´s me again. LOL... Who else? =)

First of all..i just want to say THANK YOU Pugly Pixel for all the great trafik from your blog. =) you are soooo sweet.

And i also want to share a action with you guys.
Here you can se one of my best friends (Malin) on a field. She looking good (of course) but the photo is to darken and a little bit to cold.. So what did i do to make it better. (I used photoshop. You can also use photoshop elements)



1. lighten up using curves
2. using the action  buttersnap 2 from Kubota_Artistic_Pak_I (if you dont want to by this action set  you can make a new layer and fill it with yellow color. Set the blending mode to soft Light and use the eraser to remove the yellow color where you dont want it)
3. Using blur filter.

This is what i did on the first  photo...
4. On the second one i also used  light flare (you will find it under filter/render)


5.And finally i used AUTUMNLOVE ACTIONS/ VINTAGE LOVE. This is my fave. I love the pink colour.You can also find a link here to the free action


well. thats it for today. Over and out. =)


  1. Fantastiskt fint!!! Tack för lite tips! Det är alltid roligt att höra hur andra gör!Ska testa detta också på några foton. Jag ska kolla upp om jag kan den helgen. Hade varit roligt att träffas. Ha en skön dag!

    Kram Josefine

  2. Superfint foto!!! Kul att du visar tips och trix :) KRAM

  3. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us. I'll have to try them out. ♥

  4. i'm fairly new to actions and it's cool how they can be used as ingredients and mixed with each other. i'm still wrapping my mind around the concept. i'm amazed -- thank you for this recipe. i will try it with one of my pug's pictures. :)

    your blog is a gem.

    hope you enjoyed your friday!


  5. Hej, tack för din kommentar på min blogg! Fin blogg du har!


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