♥ Lottas cupcakes ♥




A friend to me knocked at the door one day for a while ago and surpriced me with those wonderful cupcakes.
She said.. I can bake you some more cakes if you like to...and maybe you can take some photos of them.. of course, I said YES..-I would love to..=) and also made my husband and kids very happy. So here are some photos of the cupcakes she gave me that day.

Thank you LOTTA


  1. OMg so cute I am already hungry from looking at pinterest now I am starving. OMG I LOVE the cupcake wrappers I bet they have the best baking stuff there we should do a package swap :p

  2. So supercute! And great pics of them as well!

  3. just found your blog, and evidently full of beautiful photoworks *_*
    Follow you then, would you mind if we follow each other? :)

  4. Nice Post! I am really glad to found your post in which you offered amazing information. and its really good read to me.thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you my friends. =) My friend Lotta is the cutest.. =) last day she gave me some more cookies. =)


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