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always smiling

ok. Here it is again.. the action that i talkt about for a couple of days ago.. the one that i couldnt find the name of.. , but like a computer hacker. ;)as i am..LOL.. I found the place where you can download it. and ..taaadaaa...the one and only.. The mother of the action is michelle black

Download it here

On the photo abowe i used the 1960´s worn action and on the photo below i first used 1960,s worn and after that i used B&W essense from the same set.  And on top of that i used Vintage Love from the AUTUMNLOVE ACTIONS Pool.   Ofcourse i did some own changeings in the action to make it perfect for my photo..  Its not difficult, you just have to dare to try it. thats it.

im a girl of my mother

My own sweet mommy. Love you always.


  1. Vilket underbart porträtt av din mamma - vackert!

  2. jätte fint foto.. och jag tycker allt att du är lite lik henne..

  3. oss passar det bra en helg:)

  4. TACK snalla du! Har verkligen beundrat dina vintage bilder - ville sa garna gora likadana. Och nu har jag det! Anvande aven ett texture som du tipsat om! Som tack lankar jag fran min sida till din jattefina sida.

  5. så vackert foto! stort tack för att du delar med dig. kram


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