G like in Green tips & trix

howdy folks. Why not a summerpicture in the middle of the wintertime. =)
I tryed to work with my hue/Saturation in photoshop today and got this lovely green feeling.Why dont give it a try by your self??







And how did i doooooo.

0. Download the rocketlaunch action and save it on your computer.
1. open your picture
2. choose a picture with a blue touche of color (Or green) If its green you dont have to do anything yet..
3. open hue/Saturation under image/adjustment
4. Now you can see the edit. (Master) If your picture has a blue color change the master to blue or to cyan. Then drag the hue arrow to the left and the saturation to the right... You will se what happens with the color in the picture. when you are done with the color choose ok. Now your picture has a green/turquoise touch.

Now everyone... if you have a photo with a green/turquoise touch. follow the rest of the instructions

5. Load the rocketlaunch action into your photoshop by choosing Actions /Load action..
6. choose the blue-pink-Yellow action and run it.

AND OLE. Your picture has a green lovely touch

This was one of my original picture.



  1. Sååååååååå härliga färger!!!!!
    Urmysiga sommarfoton!

  2. Vilka underbara färger du fått till och såååå härliga sommarbilder :) Inte utan att man längtar efter sommaren nu på mörkaste vintern. Fast just nu är det ju lite julmysigt måste jag säga, januari och februari kan man lika väl skippa :)
    Hoppas att allt är bra med er mitt i julstöket (läste om eran hektiska helg!). Tack så hemskt mycket för sakerna du skickade, jättekul med lite nya saker att leka med :)
    Ha det bra

  3. what a lovely summerfeeling i get looking at these pictures. sure is fine to post these during the dark days before christmas.
    like your style a lot.

  4. Ååå va härliga bilder och riktigt kool action, måste provas.

    Tack för tipset.


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