Barvakt och gammal skåpmat

Jag är barnvakt åt barnens kusin Ebba. Så mkt tid över har jag inte. Sötnosen är högt och lågt och är en mkt bestämd liten dam. Men underbart söt. =)

Så jag visar gamla godingar som jag har i arkivet.




  1. just found your blog and it's lovely! Love this scrap page...very inspiring. I mostly take photo's right now, but am seriously thinking about are making me think it's a must

  2. okay i am so new to scraping and i must you do your pages through a computer program or is it all papers that you use to create? sorry if this is silly i just have no idea where to start? thank you for any info you are willing to share!

  3. hey...thanks for the scrapbooking advice and tips :) So you use Photoshop for your photo's or do you use it to scrapbook too? I didn't know if Photoshop had scrap stuff as well? I don't have Photoshop yet but I am hoping to get it very soon! I think I could get into digital scrapping. Thanks again for all your advice!


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