Inside my house

Today i will show you some pics from my home here in Sweden. =)
Most of the time... there is a mess all around my house with a lot of kids-magazine and toys and
clothes everywhere. Not like this. =)
How do you live? Please leave a link if you want to, in the comment´s field so i can come and visit you. =)

This is my scrappingroom and where im always sitting.. I also have my computer in this room.








Bye for now.

Over and Out. LOL....


  1. wow. I love your house! it is soo cute!! you said leave a link so I will!!! I love the blue and white colors you have! Please look at and follow my blog at It is acually called smile, the blog that smiles back!! I already follow your blog, so please follow mine!! I have some good photo's!! Love the blog, check out mine!

  2. Åh vad fint du har det. Gillar den lantliga charmen. Vitt är dessutom min favotitfärg här hemma också :)

    Får se... kanske kommer några bilder från mig snart också ;)

    Ha en underbar dag!

    Stor kram från mig

  3. so light and cozy! looks like the perfect space to be creative!

  4. your home is so beautiful, i love the different shades of white...does that work with kids?! our home has a long way to go until it looks anything as neat. but you have inspired me!

  5. I know I have already commented, but I really do love your home!!

  6. Oj, oj, oj, så mycket fint. Jag hittade nyligen hit och kan inte få nog. Mera! Mera!
    Fin-fin blogg.
    Kram Anna

    ps. Testade dina actions också, pink = väldigt fin!!

  7. It is so pretty and cozy i want to move right in... and the idea that it's usually a bit of a mess makes it all the more inviting! LOL know I think I want to go clean my house!!! Thanks for the much needed inspiration

    ~Chelsea Ann
    of ittybittybirdy


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