19 februari 2011

♥My kitchen♥






So this is my NEW kitchen. And i love to sit here. I am not a big fan of cooking but my husband is. (Well... i could be a fan, some day. right.. and i should be.. with this kitchen in my house. It´s a great place for cooking with two kitchen sink and all..

Today it´s sunny but soooo very cooooold so you can´t be outdoors for that long. I took a walk in the harbour but thats´s all i did.. I wish it could be spring soon. I want flowers and birds and warm weather...and be sitting in my garden with a coffe in my hand. =)

Hope you all have a great weekend.


By the way.. the last 2 photos is showing my cat Dallas. Is´nt he cute.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love your pics of Dallas... and your kitchen ofcourse.

  2. It looks amazing, hooray! you must be so glad that's it's finally finished (and looking so good)!

    Dallas is *adorbale* I miss my parents' cats and wish my husband wasn't allergic =(

  3. Såå snyggt!
    Rätt som det är kommer jag och ringer på! :)
    Kram! Stina

  4. Ser så mysigt ut!
    Måste vara hur skönt som helst att det är färdigt nu.
    Längtar till vårt nya kök!

    Ha en fortsatt mysig helg!

    Kram Josefine

  5. Bra att lampan höll under hela renoveringen och hoppas att den inte gav allt för mycket huvudvärk på the husband.



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