My son borrowed my camera



Me and my self in Norway / Hamar.
My son Alblin 7 years old love taking photos. Thank´s god. =) He is the only one who takes photos of me. =)
Thank you Albin. I love you for doing that.♥♥♥


cred. Pugly pixel 

The Graphics Fairy: Free Floral Ephemera

Karen of the  Graphics Fairy and Katrina made this floral collection together. Thank you for your great work.  I just love it. 
The Graphics Fairy: Floral Ephemera


  1. Fina bilder han tar! Vilken lyx att ha en mamma som kan lära en att fotografera, och kul att du hamnar på lite bilder också ;) Snyggt pannband förresten!

  2. Ja pannbandet blev substitut för en mössa då vi var i fjällen och åkte skidor. Himla skönt om öronen.

  3. Vad duktig han ar! Lika fina bilder som mammas... :0)


  4. Wow, vilken potential han har Albin. Superfina foton ju!

  5. Annemaj, (i hope i got your name right)

    i wanted to thank you so much for coming by and commenting the other day, it meant the world to me that you liked your incorporated illustrations from the flower bed collection!

    i love your graphics and designs, these photos that your son took are top notch. it's so great to have a little man wanting to capture you this way, 100% adored. i hope it's okay that i have you listed in my left sidebar as one of the digital designers that are gems to me, helping me create these kinds of collages too.

    many thanks again, Lynn ♥

    ** Katrina is equally awesome, i'm one of her premium members and so enjoy her designs too! **

  6. Superfina bilder !!! Ja inte är det ofta man kommer med spontant på bild här hemma heller - hos oss är det Viktor som liksom jag gillar kameran ;o)

    Kram Johanna


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