Great apps for appaholics

I just loooove apps for my iphone. I can´t get enough of them.
alright Katrina.. this is for you.. i think you like this too. =)

So here comes some useful and funny apps for crafters and color/pattern/stripes lover like myself.


1. Etsy Lovers (This is really good) You can browse by category or by color or by tag  or by material and so on. Find the app here

2. Masking tape. This is my fave for the moment. Add masking tape on your photo right away in your Iphone ( I dont have any adress here but you can find it in appstore)
(cred Pink stripe photo from Kuimab)

3. Stripecam lets you turn your photos into colorful striped, partly striped, or plaid pictures. Create your own wallpapers and more.Se more photos  here

4. Labelbox  Labelbox helps you highlight areas, label items in your photo in an artistic, creative and fun way. You can even use different labels to create frames inside your photo. OOOO. is´nt this great. =) this might be my new fave...

made by "Threat Letter Lite"
And don´t miss this app  Threat Letter

With this Threat Letter, you can decorate your messages using hand-cut letters.
The letters show the different shapes each time you shake it.
You can upload the created letters directly to your Twitter or Facebook and send the saved letters to a friend!

cred. Photo by Soho

Have fun and don´t by to many apps now. =) (like i didn´t do it..)


  1. wow I LOVE these I do not have an iphone but I should get an IPAD just for these :)

  2. the brilliance! thanks for sharing these fun apps. :D

  3. I LoveLOVELOVE your blog! Just happened upon it via pugly pixel and it is so wonderful. You're a fave already (and I've been here for about 90 seconds). :)

  4. Thank you girls. i am so glad to see you here ..=)
    Melanie.. do you got a blog? If you do i love to visit.


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