♥Masking Tape♥

I think i got a new hobby .... again. 

Masking Tape is a Japanese brand that sells colourful tapes made out of Japanese paper and i just love them.

I have spent some money at this cu-te-ta-pe online store this evening.. i found some sweet masking stickers and a decorative tape that i like.


  1. just made an order! Thanks!!

  2. He he he.. you did. =) LOL. It´s a great store. =)

  3. Love it! Love the notion of fun, designed tapes, but can honestly say that I have absolutely no functional reason to own any.... which means absolutely no way in justifying such a purchase to my husband.

    So, we will have to wait until he is out of town sometime. ;)

  4. i'm obsessed with MT, too and have spent way too much money on tape. but strangely enough, i still think i need more colors and patterns. heck, i want them all!

    i hope you share your purchases after they arrive. :)

  5. I have only 10 !! and i just orderd 2 more..:) still not much!


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