Skolavslutning and Tartan Maker





Finally we have summer vacation for 8 weeks now. We celebrated with angel food cake in the garden house. Albin and Hjalmars friend Ida visited us and had some cake too. This week we are also celebrating midsummer here in Sweden. it´s a typical swedish tradition with dans around the pole and strawberry cake.

Cred. Backgroundpaper from pugly pixel

Dont miss her great patterns made with the Tartan Maker

Noteworthy: Tartan Maker


  1. Vilka härliga glada skolavslutningskort!

    En stor kram från mig ♡

  2. oh Annemaj, those kiddos of yours are so adorable!!! and what a beautiful place to celebrate your vacay in. i LOVE that garden house and would take it any day over our concrete surroundings of the city. just lovely!

    i was uber excited to see Katrina's new patterns too, they got downloaded so fast it wasn't funny. ♥

  3. Så mysigt och somrigt det ser ut - lovely ♡

    Kram Johanna

  4. these are beautiful, Annemaj!


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