19 juli 2011

Chef for a night




Today i surprised my husband, BIG TIME.
The thing is.. He love to cook so i had this surprise for him..

I brought him to my work.. (Vann Spa Hotel and Conferense) From the beginning he didn´t know where we were going at all.  But on the way to the hotel I told him he was invited by the chef at the hotel and he has got the chanse to cook a three course meal for our whole family (14 people) (He didn´t know about they are coming either at first..)
And what a great evening he got. He had so much fun in the kitchen with the stuff there. And he learned a lot.

Thank you Rasmus for making his day so special. He loved it..

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ljuvligt, förstår att du var "frun hela dan" efter detta. Ser jäkligt gott ut dessutom.

    Har ni det bra i sommarvärmen? Här har vi kommit in i semesterkoman för länge sen - härligt!

    Kram kram

  2. Vilken roligt överraskning! Dessutom fick ni äta gott också! Det ser verkligen så gott ut.

    Ha det gott på semestern!

    Kram Josefine

  3. Hvor fantastisk - sikke en overraskelse at kunne give ham♥ Skriver en mail senere. Ha en dejlig dag!

  4. Ha ha, det var en riktigt bra present!
    Gratta honom igen från oss!
    Kram Cecilia


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