Jag ska i båten- Basta!


Action- PTM Jubilee.. Use to be a freebie from Paint the moon but i can´t find it on her blog for some reason.. Maybe she had it for a short time? It´s one of my favorite actions anyway.

By the way.. this is my son.. trying to get into our boat .. Do you think he made it?? =) LOL


  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was the taste of salt water! That rope couldn't have tasted very good. Cute picture of your son though.

  2. Thank´s Jennifer. =) I can tell you...He had a lot worser thing in he´s mouth =) ..like a dead mouse once and sand.. when he was younger.. He still have a LOT of different stuff in he´s mouth.. I dont know why.


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