13 december 2011

✩ Having fun in photoshop ✩

A great way to make an old looking photo, is to use different textures..

Here is a tutorial by Florabella how she is using a cloud texture on her photo.

And here is a another video- It´s christmas soon and maybe you would like to learn how to make Snowfall in PSP. Perfect for x-mas card.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow looks amazing. Great idea! And textures can add so much to a pic. Thanks♥

  2. i love your blog!!!
    is amazing!


  3. Oh WOW that is amazing I love it. I just found a new site with some awesome stuff you may like too

    go to her main site for even better freebies

  4. Thank you girls. =)
    Noelia. so kind of you to say so. =)
    Thanks Noor for the link. I will go there right away.


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