Etsy order from Inspire Lovely


For a week ago..or something.. i did some shopping at Etsy. (I always do that right after I  pay my monthly bills.. It´s like a reward for my self for doing the boring job.. =0  ) Today I received this cute package from Debee Campos ( Inspire LOVELY) Isn´t it cute. Just look at the package... sooo much work and love into it.
I really appreciate it. Thank you Debee. Here you will find her shop

Today I also have to ask you one thing... Is there any one who have downloaded the Estelle blog template part TWO ore ONE..  I am just wondering because it still says 0 people have downloaded the object.. but I have downloaded it and it still says 0 ..?
Just curius..
Ok that´s all for today folks. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Her shop is heaven! I love everything that she has! Chevron bags are so lovely!

  2. Jajamensan. Jag har laddat ner dem.

    Ligger här i influensa. Febern toppade i natt på 40.7 och jag började misstänka att min sista tid var kommen. Nu känner jag mig lite bättre och får se om jag hinner leka lite med min dator idag, vem vet.

    Jag har ju fått så många roliga templetes av dig att leka med

    Kram Kram

  3. Those are so pretty!
    Oh and yes, I've downloaded the Estelle template part 1. Thanks! I love it <3

    Regina Carmanita

  4. Thank you girls for letting me know. =)


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