Spring is in the air.

egg1 egg2 egg3 Hi everyone. Finally I am back at the blog. I have been sick for over a week but feeling better now again. It´s spring here in Sweden and soon it is easter. =) Love the spring with all the tulips and other flowers.


  1. Love your blog - my sister-in-law lives in Solna :D tulips are just gorgeous, thank you for sharing!

  2. Ahh I am glad your feeling better. You poor thing it always seems like your sick. I love this picture its so pretty :) I let Talal dye some eggs yesterday. Were not Muslim but I was Christian growing up so it was always something I did and I thought well he can do it for at least :)

    Do you all dye your eggs as well? And do the baskets and all?

  3. Glad that you are feeling better. I am also sick - have the flu. Drives me nuts to lie down. Love the stamp on the egg and pictures of the boys. HUGS


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