Midsummer at Rävö


Hi there... My computer is soooo sloooow... and my brain toooooo.. =/ I need holiday now. =)
In a day or two, me and my sister are going away to Hönö, also a small island at the swedish westcoast, about two hours frome home. My husband is already there with the kids.. We have rent a house there for a week. It´s just great to leave home for a while.. Sometimes it´s not necessary to travel far away to get some vacation.

OOOO by the way.. i promise.. i will do a freebie post sooon... I havn´t done that for a long time now. So i will try to make one for you this week. Ok. )

Goodnight and thank you for stopping by and also for the comments i get from you ladies.


  1. How beautiful things surround you, Mej...

  2. So very beautiful! Wish you a lovely holiday.


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