Winter at Smögen - Twinbrothers

Vinter på Smögen

You will find some more winterphotos from Smögen here
Cred- Florabella colorplay actions- matte .


  1. Svar
    1. THNX Noor. =) I saw your comment earlier.. i will try to answer it.=) about our christmas traditions.. =) I think they are almost the same as in US..
      but we celebrate christmas Eve 24/12 and not 25/12. In the morning we go to my husbands parents for breakfast. we eat (porridge.. santa porridge made of rice) and ham with mustard on a sandwich. and have some coffe.. after that we go back home and do some gift wrapping.. and then prepering for julbord..=christmas smorgosbord with herring, salmon, ham, spare ribs, meatballs, potato, crispbread, cheese, and some other food.. at one a clock we eat. after that we almost always look at tv at 3 a clock (donald duck christmas show) it´s the same program every year with some trailers from different disney movies.. it is a tradition from 20 years back in time when disney did not exist here in Sweden..
      at 5 a clock we go to church. at 7 a clock we open our gifts.. (the santa is coming with a big bag with the gifts .. and most of the time it´s one of my boys who are the santa..)
      The day before christmas Eve we bring the christmas tree home from the store..and we dress it in the evening.)
      Thats it..

      How do you celebrate christmas?

    2. Thats sounds so neat. In the states we were always allowed to have 1 gift on xmas eve and then we would wake up early in the morning on xmas and open all of our gifts and stockings then our grandparents pick us up and we go one by one to everyone's house doing the same thing. We always eat that day and usually the day before at some other family members home :)

      I have not been home in almost 5 years though :(

    3. You haven't.. :( do you miss your family.. It must be a big different, leaving us and moving all the way
      To where you live now.. How do you celebrate
      Christmas now.. Do you celebrate it at all?

  2. GREAT pictures!! LOVE their hats ;-)


  3. Underbara bilder. Livfulla och rofyllda på samma gång och med det är lilla extra. Hoppas ni hade en härlig nyårsafton. Gott nytt år. Nu kör vi 2013 så det ryker. Kram lotta

    1. gott nytt år. japp.. nytt år.. nya tag. =) Kram


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